Level-Or Mk2 DUAL 

Limiter/Harmonic Processor 2-Channel 19" Rack Unit


A front panel picture of the Level-Or Mk2 Dual rack unit showing 6 knobs and 6 toggle switches. Both mode LED are lit red, indicating Crunch mode is active.
Two cropped, close-up photos of the Levelor Mk2 rack unit. Above is a closeup of the left channel and below is a closeup of the link/ind/cascade toggle switch

Classic JFET Limiter and Class-A Harmonic Distortion in a 2-Channel 19" Rack

The next evolution of the classic JFET limiter circuit known for its aggressive compression and harmonic distortion, the Level-Or Mk2 DUAL rack unit builds on the features of its 500-series counterpart

Added features include a stereo linked compressor sidechain, MIX control for blending wet/dry signals, and a unique CASCADE mode that expands the sonic palette. 

These new features and more are packaged into a rugged steel and aluminum 19" rack chassis with low-noise internal power supply.  

A closeup of the Levelor center toggle switch that controls how the two channels interact

DUAL Channel Operation

S/C LINK mode links both channel's sidechains for stereo operation (in LEVEL mode). 

IND mode configures both channels to operate independently.

CASCADE mode routes the output of CH 1 to the input of CH 2. This allows for both channels to operate serially on a single mono source. 

A closeup photo of the Levelor Mk2 Dual's mix knob control

MIX Control

The MIX pot controls how much of the processed (wet) signal is blended with the original (dry).

A closeup photo of the Levelor Mk2 Dual's rear panel IEC power connector inlet and fuse receptacle.

Internal Power Supply

A custom power supply provides a stable and quiet voltage source for the Level-Or circuit. Power is connected via a standard IEC cable. The power supply accepts universal input from 85-240VAC.   

Hear the Level-Or* in Action

*These are samples from the 500 series module version, rack samples coming soon! 

A front panel picture of the Level-Or Mk2 Dual rack unit showing 6 knobs and 6 toggle switches. Both mode LED are not lit, indicating bypass mode is active or unit is powered off.
A photo of the Levelor Mk2 Dual rear panel with power inlet on the left and two pairs of XLR input and output connectors. A ground lift switch is between the XLR connectors for Channel 1 and Channel 2.


1/4" Input Jack

Instrument level Direct Inject input. 1/4" plug is automatically detected and DI enabled. In BYPASS mode, DI passes clean, unaffected signal to output with gain control via OUTPUT pot. 


Controls input level into the JFET Limiter or Harmonic distortion generating transistor stages. 


Controls blend of processed and dry signal allowing for parallel compression/distortion. Rotate fully clockwise for 100% processed signal. 


Controls output level.

MODE Switch

The MODE toggle switch selects between 3 different operating modes.

LEVEL - Level mode, JFET limiter enabled. High ratio, feedback compression circuit.

BYP - Bypass mode, true relay bypass enabled. 

CRUNCH - Crunch mode, harmonic distortion enabled. Multiple discrete, Class-A transistor stages generate harmonic distortion. 

SPEED Switch 

The SPEED toggle switch function depends on operating mode.

LEVEL - Speed switch controls JFET limiter release time: FAST/MED/SLOW.

CRUNCH - Speed switch controls output Low Pass Filter frequency. Ideal for taming higher order harmonics generated by distorting transistor stages. FAST - filter disabled. MED - 15kHz LPF. SLOW - 8kHz LFP. 


Displays operating mode. 




GR/THD Leds (x3)

Indicate amount of gain reduction or harmonic distortion, depending on MODE

LINK Switch 

The LINK toggle switch selects between 3 different modes.

S/C LINK - With both channels in LEVEL mode, the side chains are linked to reduce stereo image shift during gain reduction.

IND - Both channels fully independent. 

CASCADE - The output of CH 1 is internally routed to the input of CH 2 allowing both channels of processing to be used on a mono signal path. 

Universal Input, Linear Power Supply

Industry standard IEC power connector, will operate from wide range of input voltages at 50-60Hz. 


Line-level audio inputs and outputs on rear panel, gold plated pins. 


Toggle switch lifts the chassis ground connection (XLR PIN 1) on the input connectors, simplifying the elimination of ground loops.