Level-Or Mk2 

Limiter/Harmonic Processor 500-Series Module


A photo of the front panel of the Level-Or Mk2 JFET limiter and distortion processor 500 series module. Two knobs, two toggle switches, and a quarter-inch instrument jack are visible. The panel is natural, silver brushed aluminum with black silkscreen graphics.
A photo of the Levelor Mk2 500-series module from a slight angle, cropped to focus on the upper half of the module. An input knob, the mode toggle switch, and speed toggle switch are visible.

Harmonic distortion, extreme compression, explosive creativity. 

With a core circuit inspired by the Level-Loc PA Limiter from the 1960's, the Level-Or Mk2 500 series compressor/distortion processor captures the gritty vibe and aggressive nature of the original JFET Limiter while providing modern updates and features expected by the modern record maker. In addition to a lower noise floor and dual Level & Crunch operating modes, additional features have been added like true-bypass, adjustable RC timing, and a DI instrument input.  

Hear the Level-Or in Action


MODE Switch

The MODE toggle switch selects between 3 different operating modes.

LEVEL - Level mode, JFET limiter enabled. High ratio, feedback compression circuit.

BYP - Bypass mode, true relay bypass enabled. 

CRUNCH - Crunch mode, harmonic distortion enabled. Multiple discrete, Class-A transistor stages generate harmonic distortion. 

SPEED Switch 

The SPEED toggle switch function depends on operating mode.

LEVEL - Speed switch controls JFET limiter release time: FAST/MED/SLOW.

CRUNCH - Speed switch controls output Low Pass Filter frequency. Ideal for taming higher order harmonics generated by distorting transistor stages. FAST - filter disabled. MED - 15kHz LPF. SLOW - 8kHz LFP. 


Controls input level into the JFET Limiter or Harmonic distortion generating transistor stages. 


Displays operating mode and indicates amount of gain reduction or distortion. 

LEVEL - GREEN, brightness indicates amount of gain reduction. 


CRUNCH - RED, brightness indicates amount of Harmonic Distortion.


Controls output level.

1/4" Input Jack

Instrument level Direct Inject input (can be configured for line level input with PCB jumpers). 1/4" plug is automatically detected and DI enabled. In BYPASS mode, DI passes clean, unaffected signal to output with gain control via OUTPUT pot. 

500 Series Format

Compatible with the API 500-series format standard - tried and tested in hundreds of racks around the world. 

A closeup photo of the Levelor Mk2 module front panel - the mode LED is red, indicating that crunch mode is active.